Work With Me

It would be my privilege to walk alongside you on your journey to healing and vitality. My promise to each of my clients is that I will do everything within my ability and scope to help you reach your goals for therapy. It is my goal as a provider that all of my clients find freedom from the things that burden them. Contact me by phone or email to schedule a session. I always provide a 15-minute free consultation. 





Individual, Couples, and Family session rates ranging from $100-$200.

Workshops and Group Therapy rates range from $100-$400.

Parenting and Drug and Alcohol Assessments range from $100-$150.


I do not accept insurance, however I do provide my clients with a Superbill. The Superbill can be submitted to your insurance company for full or partial reimbursement. Sessions with me are considered out-of-network and will be reimbursed at the out-of-network rate. Most clients who submit Superbills to their insurance company are reimbursed between 70%-80% of the fee. I recommend contacting your insurance company to ask about out-of-network reimbursement.